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Your reliable Business Partner



we are the most reliable dealer of Diamonds and precious stones in the country to International market 


The mission at the AFRILINK is to give clients a safe and simple way to get your incredible costumer satisfaction and your desirable production. Our working objective is in friendliness, honesty and in-depth knowledge of how to grow investment value for our clients. AFRILINK is based on ensuring the client’s wealth preservation. We know the importance of investing in gold in a rocky economy. Our firm views a balanced portfolio and helps to expand the client portfolio with long-term investment after retirement. We are sure precious metals are the foundation of financial success. 


Our Services

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Clearing & Forwarding

We understand that your business never sleeps. When your trucks are waiting for the product, you need to know exactly what’s going on with your delivery.

Import & Export

Our Import Export works with importers, exporters, business investors, entrepreneurs, companies and traders to  improve sales and profits by exporting to West Africa.

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Precious Metal

Our team of professionals offers proper business guidance with simple and easy documentation for the purchase of Gold, Diamond and other precious metals.

Business Consultancy 

The functional skills of AFRILINK is coordinated to provide an integrated approach to project implementation and problem solving with the client company. 


An Innovative, Forward-Thinking Multipurpose Company With Primary Focus On Business Consultancy, Diamond, Gold and Precious Metals, Shipments and Import & Export 

Apart from our highly trained experienced staff, We also have high tech equipment with the ability to handle any project.
We Provide 24/7 Quality Services Round the Clock for our Clients to Quarante Timely and Efficient Delivery with the Desired Quality.
Providing Quality, Affordable and Sustainable Services Tailored to Meet the NeedS of our Clients is Our Priority
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